Engineered Coatings

Paper Coatings

Specialty Coated Paper Solutions

High performance, functional, and decorative color coatings

  • Industry-leading turnaround times
  • Innovative wax replacement technology
  • Specialty grades for bakery, meat, & produce applications
  • Recyclable, repulpable, & FDA compliant
  • FSC® (FSC-C146189) and SFI® Chain of Custody Certified on Request

  • Multiple substrates: Uncoated Recycled Board / Coated Recycled Board, Recycled, Kraft and White Top


Abrasion Resistance | Anti-Static | Colors & Overprints | Corrosion Inhibitors | Non-Skids | Oil & Grease Resistance | Release Technology | Water & Moisture Resistance



  • 98” Maximum
  • Slit capability
  • Variety of liner substrates
  • Ability to unwind and rewind 4" or 12" cores


  • Single Wall, Double Wall, Triple Wall
  • One-sided or two-sided options

Additional Coating Capabilities

  • Skin Packaging Primers
  • Bakery White Coating
  • MichemCoat 40E/H – 50A/H
  • Nomar 70
  • Corrosion Inhibitors
  • VaporCoat
  • WAM / SpectraShield 48
  • X-300
Coating FunctionCoating PurposeApplications and MarketsPrintableHot Melt or Cold Set Glueable?
Anti-Abrasion Eliminates abrasion that occurs between the shipping container and packaged item Automotive, furniture, appliances, etc.; Partitions Both
Anti-Static Forms a protective shield around sensitive electronic parts; Protects against damaging electrical microcurrents Circuit chips, circuit boards, etc. Both
Bakery & Meat Release A versatile coating that provides excellent release properties for baked or flash frozen goods Brownies, cakes, pies, offal, etc.   Hot Melt Only Strip Coating Available
Bakery White A stain resistant coating that hides oil, grease, icing, etc. Bakery items including cake, pie, and brownie platters Both
Colors & Overprints PMS, GCMI, or customer color matches with or without overprint varnish Signage, promotions, displays, etc. Both
Corrosion Inhibitor Contact or vapor options that inhibit corrosion when metal parts are placed into corrugated packaging Electrical components, metal parts, sensitive papers, etc. Both
MVTR Moisture Vapor Transmission Rate, reduces the passage of moisture and water through a substrate Perishable foods, frozen foods, laundry detergent Both
Non-Skid By preventing slippage, it enhances the transport efficiency of corrugated packaging Palletized loads, furniture boxes, slip sheets, conveyor transportation, etc.   Hot Melt Only
Oil & Grease Resistance Provides excellent oil and grease resistant properties used in a variety of applications Pizza boxes, machine oils, etc. Both
Release Prevents sticky substances from adhering to corrugated containers Replaces plastic bags in a box   Neither
Skin-Pack Provides a tenacious bond between corrugated and poly film Surlyn or poly clear skin pack films; Firmly traps products in between Both
Water Resistance Provides a high level of water and/or moisture resistance Packers of perishables and building products; Prevents freezer burn   Hot Melt Only
Wax Replacement GreenGuard® Rain, a low COBB, high dyne coating that offers excellent water resistance along with gluability and printability Seafood boxes, meat boxes, outdoor packaging, etc. Both
Waxable White Prevents typical discoloration seen on mottled white substrates after waxing Seafood boxes, meat boxes, etc. Both
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