Why CorrChoice?

On-time delivery & Best lead times in the industry

Trusted Reputation

Since 1998, CorrChoice has evolved to become a premium partner for corrugated sheets and corrugated specialty products. We serve a variety of clients, from independent box makers to end users in the Midwest and Eastern United States delivering exceptional customer care and a broad range of highest-quality corrugated and coated products.

Superior Communication

We listen to and learn from our customers, using a two-way collaborative approach to get to the core of your needs.

Tailored Approach

We are equipped and empowered to present you with a complete product offering, as well as alternative solutions to help you gain the competitive edge and stay ahead of trends.

Commitment to Innovation

From 1998 to now, we’ve kept moving and innovating. We continue to invest in our growth, building new facilities and adding leading-edge technology to our existing locations—all while developing sustainable practices and more environmentally conscious solutions for ourselves and for our customers.


With our network of six plants under one brand, we’re able to support one another in ways some suppliers simply cannot. All of our locations work together seamlessly to meet your delivery expectations and achieve the best lead times in the industry.

Our six locations in the Midwest and the Eastern US


At the heart of it all is our employees.
We invest as much in the growth and welfare of our people as we do our business. We strive to ensure that every employee is working under the safest conditions and is equally committed to accident prevention. In our pursuit of continuous improvement, we provide our employees opportunities for training and education, and foster a culture of cooperation and collaboration among all.

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